Poly English Meetings

The Poly English Meetings in Nijmegen are a monthly meet-up for poly folks to share and discuss topics related with polyamory.

The event takes place at a private home and is intended primarily for English speaking people. Each event has a different conversation topic, although the dialogue is not restricted and takes its own course.

There is a maximum of 8 people per meeting, entry fee of 3€ and at the venue there will be tea, juice and snacks available.

This month’s topic is: “Stepping into” consensual non-monogamy.
Which emotions and life experiences lead you to explore non-monogamy? How do you experience polyamory? What does it mean for you? How did it change through time?

In case you would like to attend please subscribe through this website or, preferably, signing up through this e-mail (PolyEnglishNijmegen@gmail.com). In the e-mail I keep a mailing list to which I send news of each up-coming event, news or any changes that may occur. The e-mails are sent in Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) to respect everyone confidentiality.


25 januari 2018
20:00 - 23:00


Poly English Meetings Nijmegen

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