Poly English Meetings

The Poly English Meetings in Nijmegen are a twice a month meet-up for poly folks to share and discuss topics related with polyamory.

The event takes place at a private home and is intended primarily for English speaking people. Each event has a different conversation topic, although the dialogue is not restricted and takes its own course.

There is a maximum of 8 people per meeting, entry fee of 3€ and at the venue there will be tea, juice and snacks available.

This month topic is: Self-care, since it is important for every person to care for their own mental and emotional well-being, even more so, when dealing with difficult emotions such as jealousy, guilt and anger. Let’s share, and inspire each other with our own self-care practices!

In case you would like to attend please subscribe by signing up through this e-mail (PolyEnglishNijmegen@gmail.com). In the e-mail I keep a mailing list to which I send news of each up-coming event, news or any changes that may occur. The e-mails are sent in Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) to respect everyone confidentiality.


25 mei 2018
20:00 - 23:00


Poly English Meetings Nijmegen

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